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Sa 18:44

And here we go, Tata Bojs in Liberec on ČEZ Energy fest!!!


Unique concert with a premiere of a new song Pěšáci bílé stopy. Check our galleries, where you find more photos.

Sa 17:48

ČEZ Energy fest already started with a band Pilot!


In a few minutes, the main band Tata Bojs will be on the stage in Liberec. They present special song Pěšáci bílé stopy, made for Jizerska 50.

Sa 16:45

Announcement of the winners.


Kama - the winner of company race Jizerská firemní RAUL. Second is Swix Team and third is Enervit Team.

Sa 16:06

Company race continues and we share first photos.


Just now you can watch first photos of the race Jizerská firemní RAUL. You'll fint it in on the website in multimedia.

Sa 15:57

Kama Team won the company race!


We know the winner of Jizerská firemní RAUL. On the first place finished Kama Team, second is Swix Team and third is Enervit Team.

Sa 15:13

First relays are on the race!


Jizerská firemní RAUL has started! First competitors have to negotiate 3 kilometers.

Sa 14:44

Competitors get ready fot Jizerská firemní RUAL!


And getting selfie is important part of documentaion.

Sa 13:58

Photocorner isa one of th emost favourite attractions.


Let's make some fun photos in ČEZ Eneregy zone. Take there friends, family or your pets. You can make gret suvenir from here and get printed photo for free.

Sa 13:49

Visit kiosk of Jabloneckého kulturního a informačního centra (JKIC).


It's only 20 minutes to the end of registration on the raceJizerská firemní RAUL.  At this time you can visit all kiosks an Obedřichov's stadium. For example JKIC's kiosk, where is lot of souvenirs from Jablonec nad Nisou, but you can get there also map of local cross-country skiing routes for free.

Sa 13:09

Last competitor is at the finish line.


Jana Krasulová arrived to the finish with time 4 hours a 5 seconds. Hervis Jizerská 25 is officially ended up and we're looking forward Jizerská firemný RAUL in th eafternoon.

Sa 12:52

Seventyseven years old Vojtěch Vaníček just passed the finish line. He enjoys the Jizera's races every year.

There are only few last competitors left on the race of Hervis Jizerská 25.

Sa 12:32

Don't forget to take away some souvenir.


You can buy some articles which will evoke you the special atmosphere of Jizerská 50 for next years.

It can be T-shirt, Kama official caps, headbands, bodge of Jizerská 50 and much more. Find souvenirs in a Hervis lodge on Bedřichov's stadium or in Hervis sport store v OC Nisa in Liberec.

Sa 11:31

Watch our galleries!


We have new photos of todays races ČT Jizerská 10 and Hervis Jizerská 25 on our website Jiz 50.

Sa 11:22

 Announcement of best women of Hervis Jizerská 25.


Third was Jana Jetmarová, second finished Kateřina Moravcová and the winner is Klára Moravcová.

Prices were given by director of Hervos sport company Karel Bárek and Josek Kondračin from Česká televize.

Sa 11:21

 Announcement of best men of Hervis Jizerská 25.


Third finished Toni Escher, second is Jiří Pšenička and the winner is Jiří Ročárek

Prices were given by director of Hervos sport company Karel Bárek and Josek Kondračin from Česká televize.

Sa 11:19

 Announcement of best women of ČT Jizerská 10 .


Third was Kateřina Hynčicová, second Eliška Šibravová and absolute queen is Tereza Hujerová. 

Prices were given by director of Hervos sport company Karel Bárek and Josek Kondračin from Česká televize.


Sa 11:19

 Announcement of best men of ČT Jizerská 10 .


Third finished Pavel Buchta, second is Dušan Mrovec and the winner is Matyáš Tecl.

Prices were given by director of Hervos sport company Karel Bárek and Josek Kondračin from Česká televize.

Sa 10:37

Best woman of Hervis Jizerská 25 is Klára Moravcová.

Moravcová became absolutely best woman of the race on 25 km with time 1:19:56.

On the second place finished Kateřina Moravcová and third is Jana Jetmarová.

Sa 10:36

Winner of Hervis Jizerská 25 is Jiří Ročárek.

He became winner of this race for a fourth time. This year Ročárek finished with time 1:07:46. Second is Jiří Pšenička with time 1:07:56. And third finished Toni Escher with 1:08:18.


Sa 09:54

Tereza Hujerová was first woman at the finish line!


Young lady from Ski club Jablonec is on the first place of women in the race ČT Jizerská 10.

Sa 09:52

ČT Jizerská 10 has the winners at the finish line!


Firt man is Matyáš Tecl with time 24 minutes and 50 seconds. Best woman is Tereza Hujerová with time 26 minutes and 53 seconds.


Sa 09:26

Competitors of Hervis Jizerská and ČT Jizerská 10 are on the race.



Sa 09:16

Every hour there is more and more poeple from media.


Accreditation are giving out on Česká chalupa.

Sa 09:09

Hervis Jizerská 25 has started!!!


All competitors are on the race! Good luck. In a few minutes ČT Jizerská 10 starts too.

Sa 08:44

Stadion on Bedřichov is already full of sportsmen and sportswomen.


It's 20 minutes till start of Hervis Jizerská 25 and first cross-country skiers are on the start. At 9 o'clock the Hervis Jizerská 25 starts and then at 9:15 continues ČT Jizerská 10.


Fr 20:58

The time froze in Bedřichov.


Historical event of old skiers and first cross-country skiing has been hold in bedřichov for years. It's also official begenning of Jizerská 50. Old time race also commemorates the expeditions into Peru in 1970, when all of the "fathers of Jizerská race" were killed by a severe earthquake.

Fr 18:52

Máka reigns between men.


Daniel Máka from Vltava Fund Craft Team is the winner of Nyč sport sprint with the time 2 minutes and 56 seconds.

Second place took Dušan kožíšek and Jakub Škoda finished third.

Fr 18:50

Zelenková won the sprint.


Šárka Zeleneková from Silvini Madshus Team won the Nyč sport sprint with the time 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

On the second place finished Klára Moravcová and Anna Kožíšková behind her.

Fr 18:22

Nyč sport sprint started with first star.


Even it's evening, program continues. Some competitiors decided to take a part in a Nyč sport sprint. The race is long 1,5 km in classic way.

Fr 17:35

Take a chance to get an autograph of Konečný and Fleissnerová in OC Nisa.

All of those athletes are sport stars. Lukáš Konečný is a great fighter and Kristýna Fleissnerová is awesome in double skif. Special boat for a competitions in rowing. So go to the OC Nisa in Liberec and meet them.

Fr 17:22

New photo in galleries.


Already now you can see new photos of kid's race Mini Jizerská in the morning and of Volkswagen Bedřichovská 30.

Fr 15:33

Announcement of reslults of VOLKSWAGEN BEDŘICHOVSKÁ 30.

The total winner is Toni Escher, second is Jakub Gräf and third finished Jan Burian.

Fr 15:25

Announcement of reslults of VOLKSWAGEN BEDŘICHOVSKÁ 30.

The third best woman is Jana Jetmarová, second finished Karolína Bícová and the winner is Klára Moravcová.

Fr 14:36

Toni Escher became the winner of Volkswagen Bedřichovska 30!


The winner of VOLKSWAGEN BEDŘICHOVSKÁ 30 is known now. Best man is Toni Escher (1:13:16) and as a queen of this competition finished Klára Moravcová (1:22:27). 

Fr 13:47



It has been only 45 minutes from start and we already share fisrt photos. Watch gallery on th website. 

Fr 13:32

Science show attracts kids.


While competitiors are on the race, IQ Landia from Liberec prepared great show whit fire and rocket.

Fr 13:16

All waves of competitors are now on the race.


VOLKSWAGEN BEDŘICHOVSKÁ 30 started! We wish luck for everybody.



Fr 12:42

Today's photos of child competition.

Now you can look at first photos of Mini Jizerská. Find all pictures in gallery on Jizerská 50.

Fr 11:07

The legendary race Jizerská 50 started an hour ago.

First small competitors of Mini Jizerská are in the finish line. Everyone gets special memorial medal of this event! 

Th 21:14

Registration at 51. ČEZ Jizerska 50 continue tomorrow


We still have free capacities for the 51. ČEZ Jizerska 50. From 7:30 to 12:00 you can register in Bedřichov for Friday Volkswagen Bedřichovská 30 (about 120 free places) and from 11:00 to 16:30 for Nyč sports sprint (20 free places). Children's Mini Jizerska Pojistovny VZP and CT Jizerská 10 are sold out.


At shopping centre Nisa Liberec registration is re-opened tomorrow from 9am to 8pm. You can register here for Saturday Hervis Jizerska 25 (about 400 free places) and Sunday ČEZ Jizerska 50 (about 700 free places).

Th 16:27

Everything you need to know about Jizerska 50 in your mobile!


Racing profile, results, photos of all competitors, online news, navigation to the start, weather, wax tips. Jizerska 50 will be closer than ever before!


Thanks to new mobile app you can finally have the Jizerska 50 with news in your mobile. Download (App StoreGoogle Play) new mobile app and you can´t miss anything from the Jizerska 50.

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